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tv   Headline News  RT  June 1, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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tens of thousands of enraged turks fill the streets of istanbul demanding the government immediately resides with crowds further angered by no holds barred police crackdown. also headlining tonight passions give way to violence in frankfurt as riot gear clad offices plowed into marching protesters threatening a second paralysis for the euro zone's financial capital. and american and a british citizen it killed in the syrian war fighting alongside the opposition and it fears that the pro rebel rhetoric is pushing westerners to foreign battlefields .
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hello there good evening chew my name is kevin i mean right now it's nine pm you're a moscow and it said just after eight in the evening in istanbul turkey where our top story continues to develop this hour tens of thousands of people have gathered in istanbul's taksim square in one of the largest displays of public anger the country's seen for years the protesters are asking for the government's removal after a local rally was brutally dispersed by police triggering violence all across turkey let's take a closer look at the scene but we've seen in the last two days we saw a swelling police presence in the city earlier on saturday with riot police numbers seemingly matching those of the protesters water cannon was used to dispose the demonstration jets indeed strong enough to knock people down the amount of tear gas used against the crowd of supporters really have seen around a thousand people seek medical help as well turkey's president of goal is called on all sides to be quote maturity put it in order for the protests which he said reached a worrisome level to calm down in
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a statement he called on the police to act in proportion or hearing tear gas was dropped from helicopters over night. rubber bullets were also used to clear the streets of angry campaigners police later withdrew to allow the protest it blocked the city traffic as people from neighboring towns headed to assemble to join the anti-government fury there's a feeling from oxys a video to see roughly is very fresh she's been following what's happening that she wouldn't touch it was a lose the heart of the protest appears to have sprung up spontaneously does this demonstration come as a surprise to you. there'd be. tensions kind of hobbling underneath the surface been pikey there's been a series of protests and clashes much more. happening now which is clearly the biggest protest movement that we've seen in time. to accomplish in two thousand and three the month to month the. protests.
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including that the government policy on syria just as had come out accusing practice common of collaborating with the opposition in against the government of pressure on assad and then of course being processed again. going again upon trials which have been going on for days and then they came to a head a couple of months. as the child. and their child arriving to be a crack in the contrails of course many people is very symbolic of the problems with the time it's government and hundreds of people that have been presenting including high ranking members that the military journalist teaches you name it really and. what's happening now with a protest against. treason by the park in taxi and has
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escalated very quickly and it seems like that was just kept at it for many grievances that have been how. i'd like to actually but the population here and now it really looks like you know if you've been going on a couple days and it really looked like there was no fight against fighting the people you've been speaking to on the streets around you what have they been saying to you what's the general feeling of the public of a surprise at how quickly and how seriously this is kicked off. now no media tour i mean people are now it seems like people are quickly demanding for the country in line at the moment as currently the clashes in i think outside his office. for on the focal point and in fact it might now there's tens of thousands of people and the occupying faction is not a particular insight it seems that the critique of me because in the classroom it's coming on that. from what people are saying it doesn't seem like it's a guide to them they say. and i think it's an outline that began when
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artlessly phil and me producer. news agency thanks very much for the update let's go if you know from turkey's political position should we talk to me good from the peace and democracy party joining us on the phone other nazmi thanks being with us and also the same question that i just asked our correspondent as well and this protest appears from where we are to spread out quite spontaneously but maybe it's not such a surprise to you know. no. spies because. k.p. in. this country. promised to have more democracy in this country since ten years he didn't. protest taxing. the people not only for. their t.v. or. through trees but also. the much searching for their rights and freedom in
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turkey and what about the accusation that the turkish opposition was kind of hijacked this demonstration a demonstration that on the face of it started off quite peacefully but a bit of green space in the center of istanbul. and they destroyed the. section square it's the most important square for some luck in terms of trees and green but very important. story called meaning for the history of. democracy demonstrations. some simply. demonstrating for the values and. values. we. don't want to get is to say it's one thing for
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a group of environmentalist peacefully trying to protest in kiev but of much needed green open space in the center of istanbul it's another thing within two days to be calling for the government to be ousted. now change policy deficient they would throw from. the open for good people. are getting together now. there was no. resistance. yesterday have you made a very important decision that they. made a decision to be destroyed and. of course. come. from a province where the. president is rather post saying they regret the violence has happened here in the way the police have dealt with it the say was too heavy handed
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to say they want to talk to the opposition are you hopeful that will happen. only three now committed. police and everyone and government. behind the. violence against the people. to the right to demonstrations peacefully and forget that they. were bearing down. on. people who really. street. gathering in accent square and fighting the. park and street and. guaranteeing that they are not going to destroy this park has become a member of the opposition took his patients walk receive party thanks for being on the program. much professor mark almond he's an international relations expert for
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anchors build university but he says the problem straightaway might see a repeat of what happened to leaders ousted by the arab spring. massive police action of course it has backfired and this is a very dramatic moment for the prime minister mr own has had for the first time to step back he was extremely aggressive in his initial statements that he wouldn't tolerate protests and now the man who was the first world leader to call for president mubarak to resign is now talking rather eerily like mubarak did shortly before his own fall he's now saying he's going to investigate the police he's got the people he wants to carry on the project so he's managing to in a sense muddy the water but i don't think we need to calm the situation because if he insists on carrying on with this project which is very unpopular he still is going to keep the protest going but suppose that relations disaster with huge economic implications r.t. dot com we've got to get live updates on the unrest in turkey including footage and photos of the clashes and we invite you to tell us what you think and what's going to happen here thanks taken part of the web if you have it's the big story of the
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day we want to know what you think about it r.t. dot com is the place where you can cast your votes now and this is what it's telling us that say it's panning out. ok thirty six percent let's change slightly you think this is going to kick off develop into a so-called turkish spring you think it's a lot more mileage ahead in its thirty two percent you think it's going to be an insider harsh crackdown more than we've seen at the moment indeed twenty one percent you think major changes will come of this eleven percent who think it's busted flush it's going to die or by the weekend it's going to be interesting to see if it does or not r.t. dot com is where you can have your say on all the big stories of the day. four hundred people have been detained in the eurozone financial capital after clashes broke out there on a second day of m.t.s.
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territory protests frankfurt some to the european central bank and institution that is increasingly drawing the ire of protesters as it is they are all over is there for us. what had been a peaceful protest is turned into a series of ongoing scuffles between riot police and demonstrators here in frankfurt as part of the twenty third same block e.p.i. event that we see paying throw in the police here we're seeing the police return with pepper spray just right now what we're seeing and then as protesters try and break through police lines that have been holding them in this area for around three and a half hours now only started after during a march that was supposed to go to the center of frank good police that demanded that demonstrators removal masks that they were wearing and they refused apparently paint was throwing around several hundred riot police moved in and forcibly moved but the demonstration ensued and to several groups basically shutting down most of
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downtown central front in front of the european central bank headquarters that bank headquarters right now looks more like an army barracks than a than a well a banking headquarters but this is being i say ongoing for several hours right now it doesn't show any sign of letting off but it's just it's every now and again we're seeing sporadic outbreaks of pushing shoving occasionally paint being thrown we're going to isis of the event who were right at the front of the march told me that they believe that the. that this was planned on known by the police that the large police presence that was out there on saturday was designed to have this particular corner to disrupt the demonstration in two and two schools what we're seeing right now i know in the form. of the police might try and disrupt the demonstration at the school and they were here in large numbers this is a bridge just with the doing is illegal suspected weeks ago that they would do this
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here to try and put across the wrong story about this you want to try prices you want to fight for the people of europe. however all the people of europe and nothing ever all the fact. that the democrats democracy is being cotyledon we're protesting against that but we're especially focusing on the suffering of the people in lisbon athens madrid in berlin or island who want to bring victims into the spotlight as well as the main sources of this crisis and the main sources of thanks big companies and corporations and loose financial controls but not the people. detainees being force fed a guantanamo bay prison have written a heartfelt plea we cover that soon the calling for dependent dolphins be allowed into the prison to put an end to what they condemn as abusive painful and in q one trait when we invite you to say what they have to say just a few minutes from now this chap.
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they played in a family jazz band together. hijacked a plane together. most of them from music to tara. twenty five years old questions still remain. just bad hijack. told from a language of oh but i will only react to situations i haven't read the reports so i'm likely to push the no i will leave them to stapling a comment on your latter point i come on to say. it's ok because i'm not talking now i. think you know more weasel words. when you veda direct question me prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for
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a battle freedom of speech means little down to freedom to question. human rights activists have reported that at least three foreigners including a british man and an american woman have been killed fighting alongside rebels in the syrian war they were shot dead during an ambush near the turkish border amid clear sun as both were taken part of military action the woman is thought to be a thirty three year old single mother from michigan the details maltese miniport. the american woman that killed fighting alongside opposition forces in syria has been identified as thirty three year old nicole lynn mansfield her driver license photo in which she's pictured wearing a headscarf was broadcast by syrian television station mansfield reportedly converted to islam after falling in love and marrying an arab immigrant according
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to her family mansfield a forced that man three years ago now the u.s. is reportedly working via the czech republic mission in syria to obtain more information about mansfield's but this is not the first case of an american fighting in syria earlier this year eric haroon a former u.s. soldier made headlines when he posted videos of himself online in which he appeared to be fighting with rebel groups holding weapons and driving with fighters through contested parts of syria shirl's your days are numbered you're going down in flames you should just quit now while you can and leave. you're going to die no matter what where you go we will find you and kill you ironically the u.s. state department recently demanded that has been a immediately withdraw its fighters from syria saying that their involvement on the side of president assad signaled a lot of the war but in the meantime the u.s.
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state department it seems can't keep track of its own citizens involvement in the civil war reporting from new york marine a fortnight party. well the news the west is being killed in serious battles backs up a recent report on by europe's anti terror body it suggests that e.u. citizens have traveled to syria in the hundreds in the last two years many entering the country as jihadists the largest number of believe have come from the u.k. and france politics professor stephen soonest told me it's common in wars where western interests are complicit we saw some cases of this involving oh look you know and indeed in afghanistan back in the days of the anti soviet resistance there are a lot of muslims around the world who have been a concern about only the brutal repression coming down from the assad regime against the syrian people but unfortunately many of them have been up working up with some the organizations that are pretty nasty in their own right this is it is
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fairly unusual though to actually have americans coming in in fact ironically just as there are some elements within the u.s. government pushing for greater u.s. involvement support the rebels we have other branches of the government that have actually been no intersecting in prosecuting america in some of the more extreme elements of the opposition. a group of hunger strikers a growing time of prison have written an open appeal for the end of force feeding procedures calling for independent doctors to assess the best treatment for them thirty six inmates are now being force fed out of one hundred three detainees some of instead of themselves no from us for months as take a look at what the inmates say about a procedure the un is labeling as torture zero words as take up some these quotes prisoners say they don't wish to die but they say they're prepared to run the risk after more than a decade of inhuman and degrading treatment the detainees there go on to say that when they try to refuse the treatments it's forced upon them sometimes violently
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they say the procedure is extremely painful and done in abusive conditions the letter also accuses medics of performing treatment experiment as the prisoners put it on an unprecedented scale assault on richardson she's an attorney for one of the guantanamo detainees she described to me what a client's being subjected to. if you ginny's are really attempting to have treatment be restored to them as human beings and rather than being punished and treated like animals i have had my clients on the many times they treat animals better than they are treating detainees my client has been kept in solitary confinement many of his items were taken away from him including attorney client mail he was not allowed to have a tooth brush toothpaste or so in his cell for many many weeks i don't know yet you can if he's gotten them to this day. they have made the conditions a dime's very reason cold for them in the cells they are requiring that they submit to very humiliating searches of their genital area in order to meet with their
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attorneys or op with a month. it is just humiliating it's been difficult for them to sleep at night they are sometimes taken for their showers in the middle of the night so they have to decide between sleep and getting a little bit of clement us it's just then. but another one of our top stories is because some live coming on that show interest thirty protests in the eurozone financial capital frankfurt now organizers say some twenty thousand protesters returning to march while police think rob seven thousand more of what the demonstrations are hope to achieve in a speech one tone is rather severe occupy london movement is also a doctoral candidate at the london school of economics and political science so thanks take the time to be with us so these protests them into their second day now there's a term for all the city's residents let's just think about them it's great that you can have your protests you can have your say but you know a lot of people are going to put up with a lot of stuff here as well no. well the training sessions of this movement have
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to be describing what people trying to do the unfair is that they can break free basically to do something that's for everyone and even if this is an inconvenience for the residents for a few days it doesn't really compare to the level and global level ok good point you've got a history with the occupy movement but has occupy actually gotten anywhere over these years well a lot of people ask whether occupy works and for me the question is not if it works it's more of a question it's a proof that capitalism doesn't work the fact that people have come about it doesn't mean just because you haven't evolved enough it's very short lifetime doesn't mean that that's a failure actually shows the failure of a system much opposing to think of carrying out this process in the right country you know germany's kind of ahead of it but also just the sort of the country has to be the best within the are you approach is going to fall on deaf ears so to speak. well i think exactly but but progress is taking place in
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a world supposedly the most advanced country does so the level of approach and it does have a level of impoverishment even in countries where we think are doing very well and of the same time notice those a growing more can of them. because of the people taking part because of conscience that goes beyond national borders two days into the protests what's been achieved so far than do you think i guess you can say well at least i'm talking to you on a global channel. well exactly i mean the fact that if the protest is there it's taking place in a few minutes so now what how much they're bringing to something it remains to be seen to make these plans for a eurozone president that have been put forward by merkel and and they saluted this idea that if the regional leaders the leaders can't come forward with a unified decision that a president will do it is not a good idea is it more bureaucracy. i mean if all these people can come to solutions acting why i can see how does one of them could actually come up with
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a solution by all just those i mean crisis is becoming more and more centralized and authoritarian and obviously the move to have years and president a single figure it king like and i think it doesn't want it in that direction i mean over the last couple years have taught at length to so many of our guests about the demise of the euro but end of the day the euro is still there and so the protesters against it think about it is the law and the fact that trying to tap into the same time when more traditional churches speak proto side to greece perhaps or even egypt two years ago no strings up definitions there's a lot of flair and a bank is still going on and thomas reiter is sort of the occupy london movement thanks you thank you for being on the program must see if you so much. check out what else is happening around the world for the leader of france's far out party could now face racism charges off the european parliamentary committee decided to revoke or m.e.p. immunity and vote the move has to be confirmed by the full parliament but that see
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now is only a formality two years ago the french government open a case against marie le pen after she compared muslims praying in the streets with a nazi occupation or. another deadly tornadoes hit oklahoma city has killed at least nine people this time and inches around fifty some of them critically a mother and a baby among the dead as that storm smashed vehicles along a major highway the area's barely had a chance of course to start recovering from the last lethal storm just a fortnight ago when a mile wide tornado killed twenty four leveled communities. and al qaeda cells working in baghdad to make sarin mustard gas has been broken up the rocks defense ministry says the extremists were planning to launch attacks in iraq as well as in europe and north america sara has also been suspected of being used by syria's rebels according to the u.n. . come out to twenty five minutes past nine at night here in moscow about with more news in thirty five minutes hope you can come back to me then we're closely following what's happening in turkey got some serious number crunching coming up in
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prime interest between now and then though that so after the break. a u.s. senate committee has passed a bill that if signed by obama will love the u.s. to put a lot of weapons into the hands of syrian rebels the seems rather odd because many of the factions that are revolting seem like bad people to be arming in fact one rebel faction al nasra which according to the guardian is an islamist organization with links to al qaeda is quickly becoming the most powerful rebel faction of all of them the b.b.c. even declared that al nasra has been designated as a terrorist organization by the u.s.
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government itself has it started something like a bad idea to ship weapons into syria on american taxpayers' dollars yet let's just pretend that somehow all these weapons will magically not fall into the hands of al nasra well the free syrian army isn't much better they seem perfectly happy to use rape and beheadings and genocide against christian l. white minorities with great glee to get what they want arming radical groups always has blowback if you remember back to just the one nine hundred eighty s. the u.s. funded and armed the taliban and those mujahedeen fighter guys and look how that turned out the u.s. government seems way too eager to arm radical foreigners and disarm average americans when they should be doing the exact opposite but that's just my opinion. three. three. three. three.
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three. three blown video for your media project c.e.o. don carty dot com. good afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm perry and boring here and washington d.c. let's get to our headline. demarco of fannie and freddie made headlines back in september of two thousand and eleven when he got the f h f a to do a seventeen banks and broker. transgression that they were bilking the taxpayer well they recently settled with citi group but they've declined to tell a federal judge much of western taxpayers how much the settlement is worth or any other details for that matter bloomberg inquired as to why it was told that the f h f a might never disclose its her well i guess we'll have to see if mel watt bring
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some transparency to the agency when demarco leaves but we're really not holding our breath on that and the jobless rates in seventeen countries that use the euro rose to an all time high twelve point two per se but price inflation still remains low guess what about green lights some more european central bank bond buying aka money printing but protesters in germany aren't having it at least not as they are the measures that's because up to three thousand members of the walking movement descended on to the brink birds of financial district to disrupt business activity and according to an. occupy spokesman the aim of this blockade is to prevent normal operations at the e.c.b. we're forced to wonder if and when they will descend on wall. and finally yesterday we disclosed that jon bon jovi is selling discounted tickets to spanish concert
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goers because of their economy well today we learned that spanish banks having been have been aggressively buying the country's own gone and this is why yields have remained low despite turmoil and other european markets when you ask what's the big deal while the fed does the same and when the bond buying stops borrowing costs rise so you've got to stick around and see how this game going to end but for now let's get to what's in your prime interest. small small business is often have a dip.


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